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Murfreesboro Investment Advisor For Estate Planning, Financial Services Updated

The financial and investment advisors have called their new estate planning service legacy planning, because they understand that estate planning is about more than just leaving money behind. As inheritance is now one of the most significant sources of income and wealth for Gen X, Millennial and Gen Z individuals in the United States, Goldstone Financial Group knows that retired Baby Boomers want to give their children the best legacy they can.

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With their new estate planning service, Goldstone Financial Group will help retired and retiring individuals to develop an investment and financial plan that will allow them to live a happy, thriving and experience-filled retirement, while still leaving a significant nest egg behind for their children.

Although Goldstone’s experienced wealth management team knows that this is what most Baby Boomers want, unfortunately, as a recent journal article by the American Economic Association explained, inheritance typically entrenches wealth inequality. What this means is that everyday Americans need to plan and manage their money well if they are to have a nest egg that can positively shape their children’s futures.

With Goldstone Financial Group’s combined retirement and estate planning services, they will help their clients to maximize their income in their lifetime–primarily by building a diversified investment portfolio and reducing taxes–so that their wealth and assets will continue to grow even throughout the latter years of their life.

The financial planners also help their clients to create an estate plan that will minimize the taxes on their wealth in the future and that will divide their assets exactly per their wishes.

Goldstone Financial Group wants Murfreesboro and Tennessee residents to know that it is never too late to start planning one’s legacy. They recommend that any interested retirement-age individual consider how financial and investment planning can help them support their children and grandchildren and create multigenerational wealth.

A spokesperson for the investment advisors said, “Planning for the future is essential, especially when it comes to securing your assets and protecting your loved ones. Goldstone Financial Group’s legacy planning services can help you ensure that your personal finance health and your legacy are well protected, even after you’re gone. By creating a living will, setting up a trust, and planning for inheritance, you can leave a lasting impact and provide for those you care about.”

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