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Naples, FL Solar Panel Model Home 2022 Green Energy Advertising Program Launched

Get Solar Power has launched the Solar Model Home program in Naples, Florida, encouraging homeowners to lower their utility bills by investing in renewable energy. Through this program, homeowners can save 40-80% of their annual electricity bills.

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Get Solar Power will cover the installation of solar panels as part of the new program. To help with advertising, homeowners will be asked to display the company’s signage outside their homes in return for the panels.

In the first quarter of 2022, solar energy generated 50% of the new electricity added to the US grid. Naples enjoys 264 days of sunshine a year and the program can help residents save money on utility bills and improve the resale value of their homes.

Homeowners can now access the program by completing an interactive questionnaire and scheduling a solar energy consultation via video call. Homeowners provide the company with their home address, contact information, and information about their average monthly electricity payment.

Qualifying homeowners can schedule the installation of their solar panels at zero up-front costs. The panels and service are covered by all applicable warranties and homeowners could also qualify for state and federal solar energy tax credits. The State of Florida offers a 100% property tax exemption on residential properties with renewable energy systems.

A spokesperson for the company commented: “Solar energy has several advantages, including being a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and having a low environmental impact. Interested homeowners can schedule a free video call with us to see if their house qualifies for the program. It’s that simple. The successful applicants will not only receive free panels installed at their homes, which will help reduce household electricity bills and improve grid security, but they can also take pride in the positive impact they are making on the environment.”

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