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Nashville Asphalt Trench Repair For Builders, Utility Contractors Service Update

With the service update, Gaddes Strategic offers professionally executed, timely, and reliable asphalt trench repairs that allow contractors to meet their obligation of restoring disrupted roadways and streets following the installation of new water lines or sewer taps.

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Following the recent announcement, the contractor leverages the latest asphalt paving techniques, including milling and filling asphalt patches, to repair trenches that have been dug in the course of construction. The team works with general contractors, home builders, and underground utility contractors.

Recognizing the time-sensitive nature of such projects, Gaddes Strategic has invested significantly in equipment and personnel training, expanding its capacity to execute complex and simple projects with precision and within schedule.

Alongside repairing asphalt trenches, Gaddes Strategic also fixes parking lot potholes. The contractor uses hot-mix asphalt to repair failure points on parking lots, streets, alleys, and other paved surfaces.

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Asphalt repair is a crucial part of infrastructure maintenance, Gaddes Strategic notes. By restoring clients’ streets and parking lots to a safe, usable state, the contractor helps prevent costly repairs in the future and potential liability claims that could arise from neglected asphalt surfaces.

The full-service asphalt paving contractor offers other parking lot services beyond just repairs. The contractor handles asphalt seal coating, line stripping, stencil work for handicapped people, and directional arrows that ensure parking lots are safe, visually appealing, and compliant with regulations. They also install concrete bollards and wheel stops.

With this service expansion, Gaddes Strategic reiterates its commitment to meeting all the asphalt paving needs of Nashville businesses, contractors, and homeowners.

A spokesperson said, “Whether it’s saving dollars by repairing trenches to eliminate steel plate costs or completing the project in an expedited manner to save on financing costs, our goal is to help progress the project and save our customers money.”

About Gaddes Strategic, LLC

Serving the entire Nashville area for decades, Gaddes Strategic offers a comprehensive list of asphalt paving and repair services that include span street patching, thermoplastic markings, and more.

The contractor caters to commercial clients, including shopping centers, religious centers, multi-family apartments, office buildings, restaurants, gas stations, and other premises.

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Gaddes Strategic LLC

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