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Nebraska Flexible Horizontal Form, Fill & Seal Packaging Models Announced

Pack & Inspect Group’s new range of HFFS packaging machine models is produced by Effytec USA, a leader in the technology and manufacturing of horizontal pouch machinery. The machines’ flexibility makes them capable of packaging many types of products across various industries in sachets and pouches, including food products, cosmetics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

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The newly announced machines can process pouches of many different kinds, such as roll stock, pre-made, stand-up, gusset, zipper, flat, and those with top or corner valves. With HFFS packaging technologies like these, Pack & Inspect Group is able to provide F&B companies with the best solution for whatever application they need, with maximum performance capabilities to boot, all backed by Effytech’s 30 years of packaging industry experience.

The HB10 model, for example, is able to process seven different sachet types. It has a maximum volume of 50 cubic centimeters, an outside reel diameter of 400 millimeters, a core reel diameter between 70 and 75 millimeters, and a maximum output of 100 cycles per minute.

The HB14 model can process 13 kinds of sachets, both simplex and duplex, with a maximum volume between 100 cubic centimeters for duplex sachets and 300 cubic centimeters for simplex sachets. It has an outside reel diameter of 450 millimeters, a core reel diameter of 70 to 75 millimeters, and a maximum output of 110 cycles per minute.

About Pack & Inspect Group

Pack & Inspect Group brings over 100 combined years of experience in the F&B packaging industries, representing top Midwest brands for packaging, inspection, and product handling. With expert consultants in Northern Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska, they help companies decide which technologies and products they need to achieve their business goals.

A company spokesperson said, “Whatever your product, whatever your package, whoever your customer, your product needs to be safely and efficiently conveyed and inspected for contents verification, absence of foreign material, and package and labeling integrity. At Pack & Inspect Group this is what we do, representing the best-in-breed of major manufacturers in this arena, providing local expertise in the Upper Midwest to assist you in selection and implementation of solutions: X-ray inspection, metal detection, checkweighing, leak detection, fill level verification, and conveying solutions.”

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