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Neck Traction & Stretching Deceive For Soreness Relief In Over 60s Announced

Desk Jockey is proud to now be offering their customers Dynamic Wedge Cervical’s cervical traction device, which uses a combination of gentle yet effective neck traction and stretching technology to promote long-lasting relief from soreness, pain and tension. The innovative device has been designed specifically to tackle chronic neck pain, especially in individuals aged over 60.

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Desk Jockey specializes in retailing advanced wellness technologies that specifically minimize acute pain and chronic pain. They also retail products that treat the physical conditions that are often created by long hours spent behind a desk at work, and, now, they have now partnered with Dynamic Wedge Cervical to tackle the problem of chronic neck pain.

As a recent nationwide study from Harvard University indicated, 80% of Americans will now endure neck pain in their lifetime, with up to 50% of Americans dealing with it on an annual basis. Desk Jockey understands that neck pain can be debilitating. However, they also know that many Americans, particularly retirees, do not have the money needed for regular physiotherapy or chiropractic sessions.

As such, they recommend this neck traction and neck stretching device, which uses heat therapy, frequency pulses, and incline traction to realign the cervical vertebrae in the comfort of one’s own home.

With an ergonomic and comfortable design, Desk Jockey believes Dynamic Wedge Cervical’s device will offer users both immediate comfort and pain relief and long-lasting respite from chronic neck pain, nerve pain, upper back pain, stiffness, tension, and more.

Desk Jockey is an online retailer of specialized neck, back, knee, ankle, hand, elbow, foot, and full-body pain management devices. They also retail ergonomic home office goods and other products that can promote good physical health and prevent injury.

A spokesperson for the online wellness retailers said, “The Dynamic Wedge Pneumatic cervical traction device creates an incline traction that helps realign the cervical vertebral. Cervical traction is an effective process that helps relieve the ails of bad posture, muscle rigidity, and pain. The heat combined with the cervical stretch helps increase the stretch and loosen tight muscles and the device’s frequency pulses help conduct to the nerves to block pain signals and relieve pain.”

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