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Never before released info to public allows them to delet thier criminal record and charges for free

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New York City, New York Mar 24, 2023 ( – For the first time available to the general public, little known fact in the book written by author, charles newman jr , and published by the company Newrockmans4th corp called, How to Clear Delete and Expunge your criminal charges for free if your broke or unemployed. Available on amazon in paperback or e-book format. search for the title in books on amazon. Reveals how to clear delete and expunge your criminal charges on file for free if you are broke unemployed or are working or on disability and meet federal poverty guidelines of having an income of $00.00 up to $12,000 a yr per single individual. simply by filing a 3 page document along with your petition for expungement.

This information never revealed by the courts or attorneys is a breakthrough for the disenfranchised and those denied jobs because of their record. and saw no way out of the poverty cycle of needing a job to produce income to pay to have their charges cleared. but at the same time not being able to get a job because of those charges preventing them from making any income to pay for an attorney to do what before now they thought they had to pay an attorney to do. and all for free.

below is a link you may have to manually enter, or copy and paste on amazon. it takes one directly to the page ft the book for purchase.

Source :Newrockmans4th corp.

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