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New Brunswick, NJ SEO Agency: Keyword-Rich Content & PPC Management Expanded

The new expansion provides SMBs with expert-led, proven campaigns based on 22 years of experience in the field – leveraging keyword research, audience demographics, and pro-grade content to increase visibility and drive engagement.

The agency’s SEO and full-service ads solutions are covered at

To underscore the importance of search engine optimization, the agency cites analytics firm Ahrefs, which says 90% of online content receives no organic traffic. NJ Local Marketing seeks to overcome this by developing comprehensive keyword strategies designed to reach relevant searchers when they are most inclined to convert.

The foundation of the company’s approach is in-depth keyword research and analysis to identify high-potential terms that align with each client’s offerings. This informs content production as well as technical website optimization to boost rankings.

With the service, the agency’s team of writers and marketers prioritize creating SEO plans that attract local visitors – recognizing that local search often has higher intent. Location-based keywords and schema markup help connect local customers to a business when searching for specific products or services nearby. This can increase website traffic but also foot traffic to physical stores.

The agency also integrates PPC services to complement these organic efforts. Targeted ads allow businesses to reach prospects actively searching for related keywords – with displays that appear alongside search engine results. The company manages PPC campaigns to nurture leads and retarget potential customers. With options like call extensions and location targeting, PPC supports SEO to increase conversions.

NJ Local Marketing provides full, ongoing management of brand awareness and lead-generation initiatives through Google Ads. The full-service approach is designed to maximize visibility and conversion opportunities through multiple channels.

A spokesperson for the agency states: “When consumers want to find a solution to their problems, nine times out of ten they will pick up their phone or open their computer and type a search query into Google. The results that appear on the first page are much more likely to receive click-throughs and generate more customers. The top result on Google is where you want your business to appear.”

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