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New Herbal Cleansing Bar For Relaxing, Natural Canola Oil & Recyclable Packaging

The latest range includes such soaps as the ‘Van Van’, which provides a fresh, lemon fragrance and uses real lemongrass to achieve its natural scent.

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With the recent expansion to Parlour of Wonders range, the online store continues to offer a variety of personal care products that use aromatherapy principles to aid customers with self-care.

An online store and resource for customers interested in adding focus to their self-care routines, Parlour of Wonders created the range of soaps to help customers relax during their shower or bath, and use invigorating aromatherapy scents and natural essential oils that are safe for the skin. Eco-friendly and made in the USA, Each of the soaps available is offered with encouragement to use them mindfully, providing customers with refreshing and fragrant alternatives to mass-produced products.

POW’s collection of ‘spiritual soaps’ includes products such as ‘Millionaire’ – a soap infused with mild greens, sage, sea salt, and peppermint leaves for a fresh, clean scent and ground oatmeal to naturally and gently exfoliate the skin for a stimulating cleanse. For customers who prefer a more woodsy, earthy scent, ‘Queen of Sheba’ soap blends fragrant oak moss with warm vanilla, amber, and a hint of citrus for a refreshing shower that leaves a pleasant herbal aroma and softens the skin with exfoliating sea salt and shea butter.

All soaps weigh 4oz, are handmade using unique formulas developed by the company, and are offered with fast USA and Canada delivery in fully-recyclable packaging.

In addition to the range of products available from Parlour of Wonders, owner Madame Pamita also provides a number of resources for customers who are interested in learning more about the ingredients that go into each product, and the purpose behind them. Customers are able to sign up for a regular newsletter, and the website also provides a range of how-to guides, videos, and links to the store’s podcast. Madame Pamita also offers a number of workshops on various spiritual subjects.

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Parlour of Wonders

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