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NYC Healthy Monarch Butterflies Home Raising | Urban Gardener Book Released

Although the butterfly is renowned for its beauty, less has been commonly known about how the monarch contributes to the health of the planet as one of the world’s key pollinators. That’s what Jeanne Megel’s new book is here to do, to teach the residents of New York City not only the key importance of the monarch but how to raise them at home, even in the middle of the US’ largest city.

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The launch of the book coincides with the latest report from the National Parks Service, which revealed that the butterflies are currently experiencing significant threats to their survival, owing to climate change, deforestation and urbanization, which has, in particular, disrupted their East Coast migratory paths.

Their increasing endangerment also owes to a loss of milkweed plants across the country; the plant upon which the butterflies lay their eggs and upon which their caterpillar larvae form eats.

This is where Jeanne Megel’s readers come in. As she describes, one of the first steps an urban gardener in New York City can take to rehabilitate the population of monarchs in and around the city is to plant milkweed, as well as butterfly-attracting nectar plants.

‘Raise Healthy Monarchs At Home’ is the product of almost 10 years of experience and research. As a trained biologist and master gardener, Megel is now singularly raising around 500 healthy butterflies each season.

She distills this experience into comprehensive and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on every phase of the butterfly raising process. Furthermore, these instructions are accompanied by detailed explanatory photographs.

Conservationists like Megel argue that the time to begin one’s journey towards monarch butterfly raising is now, as the butterflies which are born in the late summer and early fall are born to travel and may live up to nine months in order to complete their migratory paths. In doing so, they work tirelessly as pollinators across America.

In New York City, the home of the Butterfly Conservatory at the American Museum of Natural History, Megel believes that support for these incredible species is strong, and she is proud to be helping to transform this urban jungle into a butterfly paradise.

‘Raise Healthy Monarchs At Home’ is Jeanne Megel’s debut book. She is a renowned biologist who has worked to conserve butterfly populations across America throughout her long career.

A spokesperson for the author said, “Raising butterflies isn’t as hard as you think and releasing your first butterfly is very rewarding! Not everyone can help save a coral reef. But everyone can help save the monarch butterfly and contribute to the health of our planet.”

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