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Oakbrook Terrace Financial Advisor: Retirement Income Planning Service Updated

The recent update caters to the needs of individuals who want to explore wealth management tools like Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) and annuities to create generational wealth and a stable, lifelong income. Goldstone Financial Group also specializes in finding tax-efficient retirement options for their clients.

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Goldstone Financial Group’s announcement coincides with a Forbes Magazine article on the best retirement options in 2023. According to the report, many Americans are moving away from the 401k and diversifying their retirement portfolio with the help of financial advisors who recommend low to medium-risk investments that increase in value over time. Goldstone Financial Group follows the same strategy, focusing on steady, reliable income.

The company creates income strategies that grow their client’s retirement portfolios while reducing the effects of inflation and taxes. This includes maximizing social security benefits, IRA and 401k rollovers, and annuities, which form the bulk of an individual’s retirement funds. They also do an income and expense analysis, risk tolerance analysis, and long-term medical care planning to create a retirement program that maintains the client’s quality of life.

Aside from creating a plan that will ensure the client’s comfort and financial flexibility during retirement, Goldstone Financial Group also does legacy planning, where they help their client’s beneficiaries reduce or eliminate probate and minimize tax burdens. The company facilitates all types of estate planning, including donations to charities and foundations and the creation and management of trusts. When creating a legacy plan, clients have complete control over where their assets go, and they can change the terms at any time.

“Retirement income planning services are essential for individuals nearing or in retirement to ensure they have a reliable income stream throughout their golden years. These services consider various sources of income to create a plan that meets each individual’s unique needs and goals. We’ll help you explore the importance of retirement income planning, the benefits of guaranteed income, and how working with a financial professional can help you achieve your financial goals,” a representative said.

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