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Odessa Truck Accident Attorney, Personal Injury Claim Services Launched

The status of Texas as an at-fault state means that those responsible for truck or other vehicular accidents are held to account for the damage or bodily harm they’ve caused. With the announcement, Reyna Law Firm looks to provide Odessa-area clients with legal representation to recover compensation.

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Reyna Law Firm’s updated services are designed to help victims of truck collisions pursue rightful compensatory amounts. Often examining precedents set by prior cases, the firm’s attorneys can offer advice on the available course of action and next steps to take.

Where Texas trucking accidents are concerned, personal injury laws will come into effect in lieu of a specific regulation pertaining solely to truck crashes. A personal injury attorney can help navigate proceedings with a specific outcome in mind, says the firm.

“The laws in Texas are essentially just injury and wrongful death cases,” explains a Reyna Law Firm representative. “Injury law is based on numerous different principles, enabling you to sue someone when they are negligent. If you can successfully illustrate that the defendant was responsible for the injuries you have sustained, you may be able to pursue a claim against him or her.”

In order to prove that the truck driver or the trucking company should take the majority of the blame for the accident, Reyna Law Firm will gather pertinent evidence. From witness statements to medical records and more, the firm looks to collect vital documents that present an accurate portrayal of events as they occurred.

The targeted result, as noted by Reyna Law Firm, is a fair reimbursement sum – which is often needed to pay for immediate and ongoing medical care as well as physical therapy. The firm also negotiates with trucking company insurance companies while evaluating settlement presentations and, if needed, taking proceedings to court.

Consultations in regard to truck crashes or other accidents – ranging from oil field disasters to construction site mishaps – can be scheduled with Reyna Law Firm both online and via telephone.

One prior client commented: “My lawyer, JR Reyna, was extremely knowledgeable and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I felt confident and secure in his ability to handle my case.”

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