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One Page Case Studies Announces Report On Lead Generation For US Contractors

As more construction-based contractors pivot towards online marketing channels, One Page Case Studies’ new report explores the use of short-form content to help in generating leads. The firm explains that success stories from previous clients hold several potential benefits, including building trust and establishing the expertise of a company.

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The latest in a series, the recently announced report takes a more in-depth look at the use of content marketing for sectors that may not yet be utilizing these approaches. One Page Case Studies(TM) offers several examples of contractors who have adopted short-form content and experienced significant growth as a result.

The new piece comes as internet searches now play a central role in providing information to consumers across the US. While many studies focus on the growth of e-commerce, SEO and reputation management can also affect the success of businesses who do not sell products online, and One Page Case Studies(TM) now highlights contractors as being one such example.

As part of its latest report, the company points out that success stories can go beyond marketing, and serve to establish/reinforce the narrative of a contractor. In doing so, One Page Case Studies asserts that this approach can begin to influence how individuals perceive a company.

“The ability to compellingly present your success to potential clients can drastically influence their perception of your services,” Edward Winslow of One Page Case Studies explains. “But the deeper benefits lie in how it refines your business narrative, instilling a renewed confidence in your service delivery, and helping you better connect with your clients.”

One example provided in the new report involves that of a young epoxy flooring contractor in New Jersey, who recently employed short-form content as part of his marketing strategy. One Page Case Studies(TM) explains that, as a result of this approach, the contractor was able to secure several high-profile projects in New York City and Atlantic City.

The new piece adds to a growing library of articles detailing the continued evolution and use of success stories in modern digital marketing. Some other recent releases include instructional pieces on topic selection and writing of success stories, designed to assist businesses who wish to adopt the technique.

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