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Online Product Sampling For Snacks & Beverages: Demo Service Updated

Following the announcement, Test Dryve, co-founded by CPG industry veterans Matt Matros and Krik Angancian, offers brands a sampling service that puts their products in front of as many purchase-intent customers as possible. The company’s marketing strategy involves offering trial packs at an affordable price point, under $10 with free shipping, and convenient sample-to-rebill deals for potential recurring customers.

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The marketing company’s new update coincides with an article published by e-commerce platform, Shopify, about customer acquisition cost (CAC). According to the article, the best way to lower CAC is to prioritize organic marketing and customer trust. Test Dryve helps brands foster trust with an upgraded, digital version of a well-researched marketing method: product demos or sampling.

Serving various CPG categories, like food, beverage, beauty, home, personal care, and pet products, Test Dryve has worked with over 100 brands, including TRU Energy, Magic Mind, eBoost, Huron, Strips, and Wicked Cuts. These brands utilize Test Dryve’s extensive network, including parenting blogs like “On My Kid’s Plate” and global gaming applications such as NBA2K. With such high-profile partnerships, brands associated with Test Dryve reach a highly targeted audience, maximizing their market penetration and effectively using their marketing budget.

Test Dryve follows a pay-for-performance model, which empowers brands to take full control of their marketing spend. Brands can set their sales targets, define their budget limits, and only pay for actual converted orders. This approach ensures maximum results, making every dollar spent count towards attracting new customers.

The marketing platform integrates flawlessly with all major e-commerce websites, including Shopify and Shopify+. For the privacy and security of their clients, they do not require admin access or login details from their partners. Order tracking is handled through secure deep links, ensuring all transactions are recorded on the chosen e-commerce platform. Moreover, Test Dryve is designed for a cookie-less marketing environment and uses direct links to drive sales and customer acquisition.

Matros and Angancian, with their background in successful brand ventures LIMITLESS and Protes, respectively, have leveraged their experiences to offer marketing techniques that go beyond traditional methods. Their new strategy represents a fresh, strategic approach in a highly competitive industry.

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