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Ontario Medical Esthetic Certification 2023 Dermatology Clinic Training Updated

The Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy has made several updates to its training programs which allow students to complete most of their coursework from their own homes, and gain full certification in up to a dozen MedSpa procedures, with no prior qualifications.

More information about class prerequisites, registration for basic training, and the full list of available courses can be found at

To enroll in a Dermysk Academy training program, students only require a high school diploma or some form of relevant work experience. These updated classes are open to anyone and cover everything required to work in a MedSpa, including details about health and safety regulations, legal concerns, and industry-specific business strategies.

Completion of the Basic training program will provide students with certification in up to a dozen popular MedSpa procedures, including chemical peels, micro-needling, laser hair removal, and fractional ablation. Graduates from this program will be fully trained and ready to enter the workforce, or they may return to the Academy for advanced training.

In the Advanced training, which requires either graduation from the Basic course or at least 5 years of MedSpa experience, students will gain certification in more complex procedures, and learn more about the underlying physics and biology of popular techniques. This course also teaches methods for dealing with health complications or difficult clients.

While either of these courses will allow students to begin a career working in a MedSpa, the Dermysk Academy also has an updated Master-level course that includes all of the previous training, plus additional content. This standalone course has no qualifications and covers the full range of skills required for students to gain a Master of Medical Aesthetics certification.

Graduates from this Master-level course will be fully trained, certified, and experienced in even the most complex medical aesthetic techniques permitted to technicians without a physician’s or nurse’s license. This includes carbon peels, vampire lifts, stem cell treatments, and laser gynecology.

One recent graduate explained, “I have to say the new staff are amazing. Everyone seems very knowledgeable and they want to ensure you have a great experience. They show great knowledge in this field and took the time to explain and teach us everything that will help us succeed in our future careers. Very impressed with my experience.”

More information about individual courses, registration for classes, and a full list of available certifications can be found at

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