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Orange, CA Car Crash Injury Chiropractor | Chronic Pain Treatment Updated

Ideally suited to passengers and drivers who are experiencing ongoing pain following a collision, the treatments are offered in a modern clinic on Orangewood Avenue. They can help with many collision-related injuries, such as whiplash and concussion, and are delivered by Dr. Marks, who has been a car accident injury specialist since 1986.

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During the patient’s first appointment at the clinic, Dr. Marks will use his extensive knowledge of car accident trauma to diagnose their injuries. Each patient gets a thorough examination where the doctor analyzes their muscles, nerves, and ligaments, and reveals any hidden ailments.

After diagnosis, Dr. Marks creates a tailored treatment plan based on the patient’s specific health concerns and goals. Using a combination of physical therapies and medication, he will work with the patient to alleviate spasms, reduce pain, and restore full range of motion to the injured areas.

Patients can avail of many cutting-edge treatments including electrical stimulation, chiropractic adjustment, and laser light therapy. The clinic also offers peripheral neuropathy treatment, which is used to improve blood flow, repair nerve damage, and alleviate numbness and weakness.

As well as offering effective treatment, Dr. Marks helps his patients claim full compensation for their injuries. To schedule an appointment at the clinic, interested parties should fill out a patient intake form – available on Dr. Marks’ website.

A representative for Dr. Marks says, “Very few medical doctors or chiropractors specialize in just car accident injuries. In fact, in Orange County, there is no doctor with more experience, training, and expertise in car accident whiplash and brain trauma than Dr. Barry Marks. Many doctors treat car accident injuries, but you’ll have a difficult time finding any doctor that is a true specialist like he is.”

About Dr. Barry Marks

Dr. Barry Marks is a leading car accident injury doctor and associate clinical professor at his Alma Mater LACC where he lectures on topics related to car accident trauma and back pain. He has completed specialist training in whiplash, brain trauma, disability evaluation, and more.

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Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor

1745 W. Orangewood Ave
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