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Organic Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil Chews: Remedy For Depression In Dogs Announced

It is widely known that, like humans, dogs can experience depression. Newly announced organic hemp-based pet chews now available at PetVetsRx are formulated to address depression in dogs, offering pet owners a healthy, nutrient-rich alternative to pharmaceuticals.

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Symptoms of depression in dogs can include decreased appetite, loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed, and excessive sleeping. Research has shown that hemp extract is a healthy remedy for depression in dogs, helping to improve their mood, and their quality of life by extension. With the addition of natural, broad-based Hemp-Based Chews to the PetVetsRx line of products, dog owners now have access to an organic, beef and bacon-flavored treat they can incorporate into their dog’s diet to reduce their pet’s symptoms of depression.

“We understand dog owners only want the best for their pups, and not all pet owners feel anti-depressants formulated for humans are the right way to go for their pets,” says a spokesperson for PetVetsRx. “Our hemp-based chews offer a restorative solution that enhances your dog’s vitality in a natural, healthy way.”

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Hemp extract has been shown to affect more than 65 different types of chemical receptors in the brain and body. When a dog produces fewer endocannabinoids – responsible for regulating mood – supplementing these neurotransmitters naturally produces a calming effect and helps dogs enjoy their favorite activities as well as interactions with people and other dogs.

A key factor that distinguishes PetVetsRx Hemp-Based Dog Chews is its broad-spectrum makeup. Broad-spectrum hemp extract is made up of a full range of phytocannabinoids which work in concert with one another to produce what’s known as the entourage effect. This bolsters hemp oil efficacy so that dogs experience all the benefits hemp oil has to offer.

Each PetVetsRx hemp-based chew contains 2 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract, as well as adaptogenic herbs shown to reduce stress and restore vitality. They also contain a healthy mixture of sweet potato powder, vitamin E, flaxseed oil, beef liver powder and natural bacon flavor.

A leading provider of high-quality, organic pet health products, PetVetsRx is committed to enhancing pet wellness naturally. With the introduction of their USDA-certified organic broad-spectrum hemp-based chews, the company offers a highly effective solution to depression in dogs that does not include harsh chemicals and will not produce unwanted side effects.

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