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Organic Medium Dark Roasted Coffee With Low Acidity For Espressos, Range Update

GoCoffeeGo’s latest stock includes gourmet espresso blends derived from organically grown beans, such as the Big Truck Organic Espresso. Like all of their other products, the coffee in the updated collection is freshly roasted to order.

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The range expansion marks a shifting market in the coffee industry. Although once seen as a European commodity, espresso-based beverages have been growing in popularity in America, with statistics showing that espresso consumption has increased by 50% within the past few years. A vast majority of these drinks are considered “gourmet,” showcasing a concurrent heightening interest in specialty coffee.

Having specialized in niche coffee for over a decade, GoCoffeeGo’s inventory includes premium roasts that are well-suited for gourmet espresso drinks. For a blend that can be used for single shots or as a base for drinks like macchiatos, GoCoffeeGo offers the Big Truck Organic Espresso. This medium-dark roast is produced from seasonal organically grown coffee cultivars, and its current iteration is made from a blend of Colombia San Fermin Organic and Ethiopia Jibicho Natural. The coffee has a heavy body with low acidity, and it contains notes of sweet chocolate and ripe berries.

Olympia Coffee, the roastery that provides this blend, is a leading figure in the specialty coffee industry, having won numerous awards for the quality and taste of its roasts. The company was founded on the values of ethics and sustainability, and they source their beans directly from the coffee farmers they partner with.

GoCoffeeGo recommends brewing this coffee at 200 F with a dose of 18 grams per shot. For optimal flavor, they also suggest an extraction time of 24 to 30 seconds and a volume of 1.5 to 2.0 oz. The process will yield a final shot weight of 25 to 29 grams.

About GoCoffeeGo

GoCoffeeGo started in 2008 as one of the first online marketplaces for gourmet coffee. Their online store has since grown to become the largest of its kind, and it has served over 10 million customers across America. GoCoffeeGo prides itself on the quality of its products, offering its customers a number of artisan-roasted coffees on its website.

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