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Oversized Bedroom Wall Art Print, Wanderlust Centerpiece Collection Launched

The design team at BIG Wall Decor has curated their newest collection of photographs and illustrations to be placed directly above the bed, and therefore to naturally draw one’s gaze to the center of the room. BIG Wall Decor has also taken inspiration from a new theme when curating these new oversized bedroom centerpieces, the feeling of wanderlust.

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The home design artists have drawn acclaim for the way their artworks evoke the ineffable yet evocative world of feelings, with previous popular collections including their euphoria, rebellion, solitude, and calmness lines. Now, they are adding wanderlust to their list of mood-inspired collections.

With summer around the corner, BIG Wall Decor believes that their new artworks will bring a tangible summer quality to any bedroom. They have curated photographs and illustrations that are reminiscent of summer days with the warm tangerine hues of sunshine and the crisp turquoise of the ocean.

For the sun chasers, the art curators recommend their new Palm Flight oversized wall art, which features a photograph from renowned photographer and visual effects artist Kane C. Andrade that evokes the long palm tree-lined blue-sky boulevards of Los Angeles. Also new is Sun Sprayed by Thomas Fotomas, a surfing sunset photograph made more dreamy and dramatic by the artful use of motion blur.

What distinguishes BIG Wall Decor’s images is that they are made to be interchangeable. Once a customer purchases one of the brand’s frames or light-boxes, they can simply swap their prints in and out. This creates opportunities for seasonal redecorating and creating new design schemes that capture one’s mood. Beginning with more subtle yet still impressive 24″ x 24″ prints, the designers’ oversized wall art comes in sizes as large as 72″ x 108″.

Art lovers will also appreciate that, when they purchase through BIG Wall Decor, they directly support the artists whose works the store curates.

A spokesperson for wall art creators and curators said, “Created for those times when the only thing on your mind is a break from the mundane day-to-day routine, wanderlust art is an escape to your dream travel destination. Bring the Hawaiian beach and NY skyscrapers you aspire to visit into your home with wanderlust decor.”

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