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Palm Springs, CA Online Traffic School For Points Reduction | Services Updated

The BBB A+ rated company, developed as an Internet-based driving school alternative, now allows registrants to complete the required coursework at their own pace and on their own schedule: participants can choose to work – and receive customer support – on their tablets, desktops, or cell phones 24/7.

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Online Traffic Education, licensed by the State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and the courts, now also provides customers a simple means to take care of their traffic violations and reduce points on their records – successful completion of the course will automatically trigger submissions to the DMV and relevant county court or courthouse. Furthermore, it will facilitate the new or out-of-practice driver’s continuing education, with modules designed to improve the participant’s defensive driving skills.

Over 11 million Americans have their licenses suspended at any given time – typically because the accumulation of fees has proven too difficult to surmount. One of the most common reasons people attend traffic school is to clean up their driving records. For those who receive traffic citations, a ticket can be dismissed by enrolling in driver’s ed or a defensive driving course – potentially saving hundreds of dollars in fines. Additionally, knocking points off of a driver’s record can limit fines and fees, thereby preventing suspension of the driver’s license. Studies have also shown that a driver who takes a traffic course is less likely to receive tickets or be involved in an accident.

Online Traffic Education is licensed by courts and state agencies throughout the U.S. Signing up is quick and easy as there is no obligation. The process is user-friendly, with minimal information required.

Since doing the coursework and passing the class corresponds to a reduction in serious accidents of over 30%, according to the CDC, Online Traffic Education’s course gives students the opportunity to minimize their insurance premiums, as well. Students’ traffic violations are hidden from public view – their mistakes are effectively expunged from the system.

One customer commented: “Overall very easy to sign in and use the website. A week after I completed the course I checked the court website to see if they received my completion certificate and sure enough the court had received it and closed out my traffic ticket. Highly recommend.”

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