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Passionpreneur Publishing proudly announces Frven Lim is on the journey to become a published author

Book Sneak Preview Frven Lim

His upcoming inspiring book is titled Wellbeing+Happiness thru’ Architecture+Design:Crafting joy and warmheartedess through designed spaces and will be available via major players in the global book distribution field.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates May 29, 2023 ( – We spend 90% of our daily life inside buildings. The way spaces mean to us, both consciously and subconsciously, is both abundantly magical, and powerful. A well designed environment can make us feel calm and enjoy serenity. A harmoniously curated sequence of rooms can give us sensorial pleasure. The delicately considered balance of nature’s signatures through biophillia will bring us the a heightened awareness of our being.

When we merge so much of what has already been discovered by psychologists, neuroscientists and philosophers and anthropologists, with the human-centric architectural and design acumen, we have the power to make research become everyday application.

The ultimate goal is to not just to cut down the ills of the world, but to change the “i” to “we”, making us all well. Happiness gives us human beings an advantage; we will be more productive, cohesive and fulfil our life calling, serve our mission+purpose.

In short, attain success. Whatever that may be.

Once released, the book will be available in print format in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East; and the e-book will have distribution from more than 70 online partners serving readers across the globe.

About The Author:

Frven Lim endeavors to have a 25+25 year long career, five decades in total to dent the universe. He is an expert in wellbeing design, combining 25 years of architectural knowledge with personal insights to specialize in holistic wellbeing.

He coined the term #WHAD, emphasizing wellbeing and happiness through Architecture and Design. Now, Mid-career, he is dedicating his second 25 years of professional commitment to promoting an unusual and special ethos: to elevate the world’s wellbeing and happiness baseline.

With a global and human-centric approach, he advocates for positive change through creativity and speaks at webinars and conferences. His mission is to change the world, and elevate human happiness.

About Passionpreneur Publishing:

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