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Periodontist | Perioscopy/Gum Disease Treatment Announced

Noble Dental’s patients can benefit from the practice’s non-invasive, high-tech procedures for treating gum disease. The newly announced treatment can help people whose teeth have loosened as a result of periodontitis avoid extraction and surgery.

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The clinic’s team of dental and gum health experts uses state-of-the-art methods that can restore any smile and offers various options for patients even with severe cases of gum disease.

Periodontal disease, also known as periodontitis, is the infection of the structures supporting the teeth in the jawbone. The earliest stage of infection presents as gingivitis, which is the infection of the gums. This can progress to the tooth sockets (alveolar bone) and the connection between the tooth and tooth sockets (periodontal ligament). If left untreated, it can lead to the tooth becoming loose and requiring extraction because the structures have deteriorated.

Perioscopy can help treat gum disease without causing too much discomfort. Bacteria is significantly reduced with a thorough clean beneath the gum line right through to the bottom of the tooth pockets using a dental endoscope, which is attached to a probe (a tiny camera) and placed below the gum line. Because bacteria is reduced, healing is promoted and will help the patient prevent continuing damage and losing their teeth as a result.

Another safe treatment option involves the administration of a sustained-release antibiotic that remains in the tooth pockets for up to three weeks and can kill even the most stubborn bacteria in hard-to-reach areas. This helps to avoid the bleeding that typically occurs with a perioscopy treatment.

A happy client said, “I went to see Richard Longbottom after an initial referral to another periodontist. I wanted a second opinion, as I was uncomfortable with my initial prognosis and treatment plan for periodontitis. Richard was super-friendly and gave me a very thorough explanation. Most importantly, he made me feel more comfortable and at ease about my treatment plan going forward. He has a great friendly team and I would recommend this practice!”

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