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Pillir SAP Workflows App Development & Legacy Transformation Platform Launched

Pillir, an application development company focused on building solutions for ERP, has released a new SAP workflow orchestration tool. SAP Workflows now provides users with the ability to build workflows across different platforms or applications.

With this announcement, Pillir offers an integrated app and workflow builder that connects apps and business processes through a single platform.

It is a common development practice to build an app in one tool and connect it to business processes by using another, thereby developing apps and workflow orchestration on separate platforms. Pillir SAP Workflows allows users to manage workflows and develop applications together in one space.

Additionally, Pillir’s no-code workflow management and no-code/low-code application development environment enable team members who have little-to-no development experience to participate in optimizing workflows. Equipped with drag-and-drop functionality, users can combine all of the technologies, people, and data required into a single workflow.

Whether elements are managed within an SAP environment, in Pillir, or in a third-party’s system, Pillir allows administrators to determine the best way to equip a workforce, collect and share data, and advance production. Members within an organization, therefore, don’t have to compromise on elements of a workflow.

Pillir workflows can begin a process in SAP, use a Pillir app for additional steps or approvals, then complete the process in SAP. Connections don’t have to be limited to applications that are used on-site. Rather, Pillir can connect to heavyweight offline mobile apps, third-party solutions, and vendor portals.

Pillir aims to reduce technical debt, increase efficiency and production, and modernize legacy apps to enhance workflows. The tool was designed to provide a consistent user interface across multiple devices.

In a recent testimonial, a customer writes, “From the day we met with the Pillir team, their SAP expertise, industry experience, and unique platform capabilities were apparent. Their consumption-based pricing model matched our budget constraints and allowed us to take an incremental approach to modernize some key functions.”

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