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Port St. Lucie, FL Daycare Child Abuse Lawyer, Victim Representation Announced

Abuse Guardian is on a mission to protect the children of Port St. Lucie and Florida and to ensure that all child sexual abusers pay for their crimes to the fullest extent in civil court.

The specialist attorneys at Abuse Guardian in Port St. Lucie are now representing the victims of child sexual abuse and child abuse who have suffered abuse in a daycare center. Abuse Guardian knows how to recognize the signs of child sexual abuse and they can help victims’ families to both report and sue both their child’s abuser and the childcare facility that has either facilitated or failed to prevent this abuse.

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Florida sexual abuse lawyer Michael Haggard is now specifically taking daycare cases because they have seen that the rates of incidence of this crime continue to increase each year. According to Darkness to Light, a nonprofit organization dedicated to stopping child sexual abuse and supporting victims, almost one-quarter of American children under five are now in organized childcare, including daycare centers, nurseries and preschools. Darkness to Light also revealed that annually, around 2,300 centers are now found to be abusing children in their care.

Abuse Guardian believes that the abuse of any child is an unforgivable crime, and in addition to any criminal proceedings brought forward by the state, they can help survivors file a civil lawsuit against their daycare center and abuser.

Whether a child has been subjected to molestation, unwanted touching or any other kind of sexual abuse, the attorneys at Abuse Guardian will help to build a civil case seeking the highest level of damages possible. They can also help them lodge a case for other physical and emotional injuries and abuses, including neglect.

The team at Abuse Guardian believes that, if a child has suffered the trauma of daycare sexual abuse, they deserve to receive financial compensation that can help them envision and live a brighter future.

Abuse Guardian said, “With a focus on compassion, experience, and tenacity, our membership in the National Crime Victim Bar Association ensures top-notch legal representation. If someone has experienced daycare abuse, they can trust Michael Haggard in Port St. Lucie to believe and support them. Reach out today for a consultation.”

Every abused child deserves true justice.

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