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Portable Pet Water Bottle With Dispensing Control For Dogs & Cats Launched

Doviast’s new Portable Pet Water Bottle can be used to keep both dogs and cats hydrated when on the move or out for walks. Its convenient design helps owners to dispense water safely for them to prevent coughing or choking.

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Featuring an integrated spoon feeder, the recently launched bottle saves pet owners from the hassle of carrying separate bottles and bowls around. Owing to its lightweight and compact design, the accessory can easily fit into a backpack or small pouch.

According to research, dogs should drink approximately 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. Since several factors affect how much a dog will drink, it is advisable not to restrict a dog’s water intake.

Doviast’s accessories have been designed to support the wellbeing of pets and provide practicality and convenience for their owners. The portable bottle holds up to 19.6 fluid ounces of water for on-demand hydration.

The design features a press-and-hold button to control water release into the spoon feeder. A silica-gel insert contains the water to prevent spillage while a pet is drinking. In addition, the bottle’s spout houses a water-reserve suction mechanism that draws excess water back into the bottle, minimizing waste and drips. Finally, a lock button prevents accidental leakage.

The Portable Pet Water Bottle is made from BPA-free plastic that is non-toxic for pets. Color choices include turquoise, pink, and white.

The store’s other travel accessories for pets include a non-slip Dog Car Seat Cover. Made from waterproof material, the cover protects seats from mess, fur, and scratches. Car seat belts with adjustable lengths are also available.

Doviast sells a wide variety of products that are designed for optimum functionality and durability. Store categories span fashion products to toys and games. Items can be shipped worldwide.

A spokesperson for the company said: “My schnauzers can drink out of it easily without getting their beards soaked. I use it in training classes, on walks, and carry it in the car. I like how the cup is attached so you don’t have to pour into a cup. I especially like how you can redirect the water back into the bottle.”

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