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Portable TENS Therapy Unit: Nerve Pain Management For Work-From-Home Men Launch

The latest launch offers customers a powerful, portable, and customizable pain management tool that can be used in the comfort of their homes. The Ultima Five TENS unit delivers pulsing electronic frequencies as a way to reduce pain anywhere from the neck and back to the head and joints.

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The announcement details the Ultima Five’s many advanced features – with two separate frequencies that can be sent to two different pain sites simultaneously. This feature may prove particularly useful for people working from home who spend long hours hunched over a computer screen, suffering from stiffness in both their lower backs and shoulders.

TENS technology uses safe and mild electrical currents to interrupt pain signals that are being sent to the brain. The pulsing and tingling sensation generated by a TENS unit effectively blocks pain messages, allowing muscles to relax while stimulating the release of endorphins – the body’s natural painkillers.

The Ultima Five delivers these impulses through four electrode pads which attach to the skin at the pain site. The pads are self-adhesive and reusable, lasting for around 15 applications before they need to be replaced.

The large LCD screen makes it easy for users to navigate the device’s controls. Five different modes offer a wide range of frequency and intensity options. These include ‘Constant’ and ‘Burst’ modes alongside three modulation settings.

The unit is powered by two AA batteries with an indicator that illuminates when the voltage falls below 6.5 volts. Both compact and lightweight enough to be used on the move, The Ultima Five is fitted with a belt clip to make this easier with its small footprint making it possible to conceal the device underneath clothing.

Users may find relief from pain associated with the menstrual cycle, nerves, cancer, shingles, and recovery from surgery. The technology has been shown to help pain management for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, neuralgia, multiple sclerosis, spondylosis, and migraines.

A spokesperson says, “A dual-channel five-mode device with two waveform adjustments and a large LCD screen. This device is remarkable for its function, and traditional looks mixed with new-age digital style. Also includes a soft carrying case.”

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