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Premium Dark Roasted Espresso Coffee: Shade-Grown & Organic Collection Updated

Following the update, customers will now be able to choose from a larger selection of organic and shade-grown espresso on GoCoffeeGo’s online store. The coffees can be purchased in 12 oz., 2 lb., or 5 lb. bags.

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The recent expansion goes in line with GoCoffeeGo’s commitment to sourcing premium, top-quality coffees from sustainable roasters and farms. Many of the espressos available on GoCoffeeGo’s website are certified organic, which means the coffee beans used to make them were grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that are harmful to the environment. Organic coffee plants are also usually grown under shade cover due to their growth requirements, and this shade cover provides habitat for birds.

A popular choice among GoCoffeeGo’s customers is DOMA’s The Chronic – Super Dank, a dark roast made from a blend of organically grown beans. It has a thick body with a light sweetness, muted acidity, and notes of dried fruit, dark walnut, and clove. This blend is suitable both as an espresso and a drip-brewed coffee.

For customers who prefer a more intense brew, GoCoffeeGo offers a Thanksgiving Coffee signature, the Southern Italian Style Espresso. This espresso blend is made from coffee beans sourced from certified fair trade plantations. It has a rich body with smoky notes of licorice, chocolate, and an earthy sweetness.

Customers can also opt for decaf options, such as the Decaf New York Espresso roasted by Dallis Bros. Coffee. Also crafted from certified fair trade and organic beans, this popular decaf blend is known for its flavor, owing to its heavy body and notes of dark chocolate and roasted hazelnuts.

With many other choices available, GoCoffeeGo prides itself on being the largest niche marketplace for specialty coffee. The company’s website has amassed over 10 million users to date, and it continues to grow to meet the demand for sustainable and ethical gourmet coffee.

A satisfied customer said: “I am happily drinking my way through the dark roasts offered by all the different roasters on this site. Ordering is easy, and shipping is fast. I like reading about all the different coffees the roasters offer. I will be using this site for a long time.”

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