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Preventative Medicine MD Expert Better Sleep For Men Leaky Gut Report Released

The new report, which is featured on his popular blog, contains information on the common condition and its connection to poor sleep in men who are aged in their 30s and older. Dr M Kara espouses a patient-led, preventative and integrated model of healthcare that he believes will favor those men who are suffering from leaky gut.

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The release of KaraMD’s report on leaky gut coincides with a recent expose on the condition from the Cleveland Clinic. The proposed condition posits that intestinal permeability is not simply a symptom of a gastrointestinal disease but rather may be an independent underlying cause.

The consequence of the increased intestinal permeability or hyperpermeability that characterizes leaky gut is that nutrients are lost and toxins are passed into the bloodstream. In turn, this can trigger an inflammatory response in the body. As such, the condition has been associated with autoimmune diseases like celiac, diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and more.

With these grave symptoms and side effects in mind, Dr M Kara believes there needs to be greater awareness of the condition and how it impacts the quality of life of its sufferers.

KaraMD’s focus on the condition among men draws from the fact that they tend to be far less proactive with their health compared to women. A recent study from WebMD found that almost half of men aged 18 have not visited a GP or family doctor in the previous year for a checkup.

As such, Dr M Kara wants to empower men to take their health into their own hands by offering them the tools to get a healthier gut, reduce inflammation in their body, enjoy better sleep and choose healthier lifestyle habits.

Other recent reports on his popular blog focus on similar men’s health issues, including skin inflammation conditions like eczema and the role polyphenols can play in improving chronic inflammation.

Dr M Kara is a specialist physician with over 30 years of primary care experience, including at the globally esteemed Cleveland Clinic, which was referenced above. As both a functional medicine doctor and an internist, he is focused on holistic wellness strategies that center first and foremost on gut health.

A recent feature on the doctor from BuzzFeed said, “Did you know that a healthy gut is the key to better overall health? It’s true! Happy microbiomes in the gut have been linked to overall better health and mental health. That’s why KaraMD is teaching people how a healthy microbiome balance naturally prevents ‘leaky gut’ caused by a poor diet, bad stomach bacteria, yeast, parasites, and disruption of the mucus lining in your gut wall.”

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