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QC Kinetix (Grand Rapids – East): The Sports Medicine Clinic Using Regenerative Medicine To Help Michigan Athletes Heal Faster

Grand Rapids, MI – One factor determining an athlete’s success is how fast they bounce back from an injury. QC Kinetix (Grand Rapids – East), a sports medicine clinic on the rise in Grand Rapids, is helping athletes heal faster with regenerative medicine. The pain control clinic offers innovative biologic therapies for athletes with back, knee, joint, ankle pain and more. The clinic is quickly gaining a reputation for being able to help athletes get back in the game fast. The natural therapies offered at QC Kinetix (Grand Rapids – East) are unique because they rely on the body’s innate ability to heal itself. The therapies stimulate the body to repair tissue damage, resulting in a faster healing process with fewer side effects.

“Recovering from a sports injury meant sitting on the sidelines for weeks or even months. But now, with the help of Grand Rapids regenerative medicine, athletes can get back in the game much faster. Our clinic has been at the forefront of this treatment, and we’ve seen firsthand how it has helped athletes recover faster, thus giving them a better chance to achieve their goals.” Said the company representative.

Most sports activities require a well-rounded approach to health while focusing on key areas. For instance, sports like basketball and football may focus on ankle conditioning and strength because of the repetitive nature of jumping and planting. However, with any sport, there is always the potential for injury. That’s where QC Kinetix (Grand Rapids – East) comes in – they offer a full range of restorative therapies to help athletes heal and, where possible, prevent injuries in the first place. Restorative therapy is minimally invasive and offers fast recovery time.

Any activity that requires repeated twisting, bending, or lifting can cause strain on the lower back and lead to pain. However, lower back pain doesn’t only affect physically active people. A sedentary lifestyle and poor posture can also cause lower back pain. Regardless of the cause, QC Kinetix (Grand Rapids – East) can help. The clinic’s restorative therapies evoke their effects by stimulating the body’s repair mechanisms. This results in faster healing times and reduced pain for patients.

A fall or taking a hit on the knee during a sporting activity can result in excruciating pain. The result could be a drop in an athlete’s performance and a decline in their quality of life. The treatment providers at QC Kinetix (Grand Rapids – East) can help by providing restorative treatment procedures that can be personalized for each patient.

QC Kinetix (Grand Rapids – East) is located at 1179 East Paris Ave SE, Suite 220, Grand Rapids, MI, 49546, US. Clients can contact the pain control clinic at (616) 315-0166 or browse its website for more information.

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