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Queens, NY High-Rise Apartment Moving: Local Movers Vs DIY Carry Report Launched

A new report launched by provides insights into the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a professional moving company, and how it compares to “DIY” moves. It also explains how users can determine the optimal way to relocate their belongings to reduce time, costs, or labor, based on several key factors.

More information about professional moving company rates, DIY relocations, and the drawbacks of each option can be found in the full report at

The latest report explains that hiring a professional moving company provides additional safety for the client, their possessions, and their new home, but it also explores several drawbacks, such as the price. Though a DIY move is more complicated, the report includes several effective strategies to accomplish it safely, and a list of common mistakes to avoid.

Since moving rates can vary widely based on the size of the load, the distance being driven, and complications like stairways, the report suggests using a no-cost tool on the website to estimate the rate for a professional service first. This rate can then be compared to the estimated costs, labor, and time required to complete a DIY move.

The simple tool allows users to input the details of their upcoming move into a single form, which is then sent to seven top-rated local moving companies. Clients will receive up to seven no-cost, no-obligation estimates, which can be used to choose a service provider, or as a comparison for DIY moves.

The report includes several important factors that may add to the rate, even for a DIY move, such as hiring a babysitter or pet sitter, taking the day off work, or enlisting help from friends. It also provides a list of items that users may need to purchase for a DIY move. This includes a cart or dolly for larger furniture, furniture pads, and straps, which would normally be provided by a professional moving company.

More information about the differences between professional and DIY moves, the no-cost estimate tool, and other reports from can be found at
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