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Regina Medical Esthetic Certification, After-Hours Career Training Updated

The Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy, an aesthetician training school with locations across Canada, has updated its course structure to make it easier for students to complete their education and certification, without having to spend more than one week of time in the classroom.

More information about changes to the Dermysk Academy courses, prerequisites for registration, and a full list of available programs can be found at

While the updated courses still cover the full range of materials and include the same amount of hands-on training at the Dermysk Academy, they allow students to complete the rest of the course material online, at their own pace. Once students complete several online modules for the knowledge portion of their training, they can schedule practical training sessions at the Academy, where they will gain experience with procedures, tools, and clients.

This new course structure allows a wider range of students to attend the Academy for career training, by making it possible for them to study at night, in between other jobs, or when their children are otherwise occupied. Each course is designed to be completed in as little as a few months, though students may take as long as necessary to complete the online portion of the program, before attending the in-person training.

During the practical portion of the training program, students will work with actual aesthetician tools on both simulated and real clients, to gain experience in up to a dozen procedures. At the end of each course, graduates will be fully certified, experienced, and capable of performing the complete list of aesthetic procedures for their class, which will vary based on the course they selected.

In the Basic course, students will learn about the medical aesthetic industry, the biology and physics behind popular procedures, and several proven business strategies. They will also get certified in techniques such as dermaplaning, micro-blading, radiofrequency rejuvenation, and using laser tools to remove unwanted hair or tattoos.

Students may also choose to enroll in an Advanced or Master level course to get certified in more complex techniques, such as Cool Sculpting, laser gynecology, vampire lifts, or carbon peels. While the Academy does teach courses in injectable cosmetics as well, these classes are restricted to students with valid nursing or physician credentials.

One recent graduate said, “I had such a wonderful experience at Dermysk. Sorena is truly a wealth of knowledge and manages to teach in such a professional, yet fun, way. I left feeling confident and prepared for this next chapter of my Medical Aesthetics career.”

More information about registration, individual courses, and other training programs from the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy can be found at

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