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Retirement Planning With Indexed Universal Life Insurance, 2023 Guide Released

The new report from Indexed Universal Life provides an overview of IUL policies, such as how they are linked to stock market movements, which allows for a greater return when compared to traditional whole life insurance policies.

More information is available at What Is IUL

With the recently released report, the website’s team gives readers all the information they need in order to make an informed decision on whether indexed universal life insurance suits their personal retirement planning needs.

When planning for retirement, individuals are faced with a wide array of opinions, ranging from life insurance policies and 401(k) to IRAs and pension plans. Furthermore, diversifying a retirement portfolio can provide a resilient hedge against financial factors such as recessions and inflation. To help retirees learn more about the tax-deferred and growth advantages of indexed universal life insurance policies, Indexed Universal Life created a beginner’s guide to IULs.

As the report explains, the key difference between an IUL and a regular whole-life insurance policy stems from its potentially increased cash value due to IUL’s connections to the stock market index. This connection means that when the market value of assets such as the S&P 500 rises, so does the credited interest on the IUL policy. More details on the differences between IULs and whole-life insurance plans can be found at IUL vs Whole Life

Indexed Universal Life’s website is a one-stop resource for information regarding IULs and retirement planning in general. The site provides a wide range of reports and resources covering topics such as IULs for business owners, reviews of IUL products and providers, as well as details on how to use IUL calculators.

Individuals looking for specific information regarding their personal life insurance policy choices can also find details on arranging a consultation with a local IUL expert who can guide them through their options.

A spokesperson for Indexed Universal Life said, “If you compare IUL insurance versus whole life insurance, it is important to understand how each works and how they may work for you and your specific financial needs.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting IUL In Retirement

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