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Rewardical Customer Loyalty, Incentive Program For New Sales Generation: Update

The newly-launched customer rewards system from Rewardical offers a way for businesses to increase publicity and improve name recognition while also providing incentives for existing clients.

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The recently-announced Rewardical loyalty program has no obligations, no contracts, and comes with an order guarantee. There is no cost involved to sign up with the new rewards program and nothing to pay until client orders come in. Once orders are received, the ongoing cost starts as low as $.05 per dollar.

For any small business, whether online or brick-and-mortar, generating business and maintaining a client base can be a challenge. Rewards programs are a statistically-proven way to boost customer loyalty; in 2022, nearly 65% of Americans reported using a loyalty program. With the Rewardical system, businesses can benefit from the loyalty program when they register through a simple process. In most cases, order rates increase immediately. A customer representative says, “Our clients pay nothing unless we’re generating orders for them, so there’s zero risk.”

The registration process is simple. Businesses register online with Rewardical by submitting a website URL and choosing a participation rate. Once customers start making orders, the rewards claims system provides full tracking with a list of orders for the business to verify.

After orders are verified, the customer receives Rewardical tokens, which can be redeemed in numerous ways. Customers can use Rewardical tokens to make further purchases online or at a physical store, donate funds to their favorite charity, or use tokens for online games and contests.

Rewardical also offers a joining incentive for businesses. The first 1000 Rewardicals that customers earn through new orders are covered by Rewardical. In other words, businesses do not pay for initial customers and orders. This offer gives business owners an opportunity to try the Rewardical program free of charge and discern if it is a good fit for their needs.

Rewardical has a member base of over 11.4 million people worldwide. New merchants in the network are promoted automatically to the most active Rewardical members and are also highlighted in the Rewardical search engine.

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