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Reyna Law Firm Expands Oilfield Accident Legal Representation To New Mexico

With the announcement, Reyna Law Firm aims to improve access to personal injury claim representation services in extended regions. Now operating several offices in New Mexico in close proximity to its Odessa, Texas branch, the firm further extends its guidance to victims of severe accidents involving vehicular crashes, workplace negligence, and others.

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Its latest expansion is primarily carried out in response to oilfield catastrophes in the Permian Basin, known as one of the main footholds of the American oil industry. Workers from West Texas and southeast New Mexico are currently involved in an oil production operation that The Financial Times calls “booming.” With more employees, though, comes a higher chance of on-the-job injuries.

The dangers associated with oilfields for workers are well-documented, says the firm’s lead attorney JR Reyna, pointing to the hazardous materials and unsafe machinery often found at sites. Accordingly, the law firm provides its expanded services to members of the New Mexico oilfield workforce who have sustained serious injuries as a result of poor safety conditions.

Reyna Law Firm’s expanded services, now accessible in the New Mexico counties of Eddy, Chaves, and Lea, include initial case reviews where injured parties or their families can outline their situation. Reyna Law Firm’s attorneys work to evaluate such cases in order to project where liability lies and map out possible legal avenues to explore in pursuit of compensation.

Once aligned with the goals of its clients, Reyna Law Firm works to negotiate settlements offered by oilfield companies or insurers. If they deem such figures as unsuitable to cover the pain and suffering that oilfield accidents have had on their clients, the injury lawyers are able to take proceedings to court.

Further, Reyna Law Firm notes that as a contingency-based firm, its clients pay for legal fees only if their injury claim has been successful. Having expanded its services to New Mexico, the firm now offers residents round-the-clock communication – with consultations scheduled online or via its over-the-phone contact options.

Interested parties throughout southeast New Mexico can find additional details about Reyna Law Firm and its wider personal injury service capabilities at

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