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Rockville, MD Probate Realtor Specialist: Legal Document Filing Services Update

Mr. Cormier now offers expert probate filing assistance for Rockville and Montgomery County property inheritors. His expertise includes thorough knowledge of Maryland probate laws and estate administration.

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As of June 2023, the Montgomery County housing market remains a seller’s market. This means house prices are higher and homes sell faster compared to other counties. According to Mr. Cormier, PRSs can help inheritors looking to sell probated properties to benefit from these favorable conditions.

These specialists are qualified to provide both legal and property marketing guidance. Their specialized training allows them to assist clients with property appraisal and sales preparation. They may also knowledgably recommend third-party professionals for any of these tasks.

In the probate process, inheritors will need to consider estate size and whether a will has been left by the deceased. These two factors determine how estate distribution will be treated according to Maryland probate laws.

Another issue property inheritors will need to consider is the role of the personal representative or executor. The fulfillment of the role will require that certain documents be filed as part of the probate process.

According to Mr. Cormier, a PRS’s skills can be especially valuable in these situations, as they may keep inheritors and executors on top of court deadlines and other legal steps.

PRS Marc Cormier is a New York City native and a graduate of Brown University with a BA in Urban Studies and Organizational Behavior. His passionate interest in human behavioral science has led him to pursue several post-graduate executive-level business courses at Dartmouth University, the Wharton School, and MIT.

He holds many distinctions in the real estate industry, including recognition as being among the top 1% of realtors.

“Marc Cormier was a pleasure to deal with on this home purchase,” said a satisfied customer. “He made the transaction painless by not only seeing that the logistics went smoothly, but also worked with the inspector and then personally reviewed the details with me. Marc was very professional and helpful with my needs before and after the sale.”

Interested parties may schedule a free consultation or learn more about Mr. Cormier’s probate services at

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