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Safe Money Strategies For Retirement Planning, Annuity Advisory Services Updated

The company specializes in helping individuals protect and grow their wealth through sound and reliable financial planning. Their recently updated strategies cover low-risk/no-risk financial vehicles where the principal is protected irrespective of market conditions, even during severe market downturns.

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Partnering with professional financial advisors across the US, Certified Safe Money (CSM) helps individuals plan for their retirement and make informed decisions about managing their wealth. Following the latest updates, CSM recommends three primary safe money investment options: United States Treasuries, Certificates of Deposit (CDs), and fixed annuities.

U.S. Treasuries include fixed-income securities offered by the U.S. government, such as Treasury bills, notes, and bonds, which vary in their maturity periods and how they pay interest. With their low risk, they are ideal for diversifying portfolios and minimizing overall risk.

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The second option suggested by CSM, Certificates of Deposit, are offered through banks and credit unions, and provide a set interest rate over a specified period. Despite the generally low rates on CDs, they constitute an essential part of investors’ overall portfolios due to their status as safe money.

Fixed annuities are contracts between an individual and an insurance company, in which the company promises to pay a fixed income stream for a specific duration or the remainder of the individual’s life. Fixed annuities also enable funds to grow on a tax-deferred basis and offer death benefits and penalty-free withdrawals under certain circumstances. However, the company explains that their benefits hinge on the financial strength of the insurance company, making it vital to verify the insurer’s ratings.

CSM maintains that by exploring safe money options with their financial advisors, investors can choose suitable investment vehicles to ensure their principal stays secure, whatever the current market condition is. To get proper guidance on their retirement portfolio, the company has a search function on the website that allows clients to find the nearest advisor in their area to schedule an exploratory call.

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