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San Antonio Employee-Paid Supplemental Insurance, Voluntary Benefits Announced

‘Amplify Your Benefits’ sees the company’s founder Rick Orozco partnering with Colonial Life to give business owners in and around the San Antonio area better access to employee benefits.

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Through the program, the firm aims to assist SMB owners in providing their employees with in-demand benefits that cover areas such as disability, dental, vision, accident, hospital indemnity, cancer, life, and critical illness.

As recent reports have shown that over 80% of US employees prioritize health-related benefits above all others, business owners who provide them to their teams are therefore more likely to improve their retention rates. However, many SMB owners may struggle to meet the cost of providing comprehensive employee insurance plans. To make sure San Antonio SMB can give their teams a benefits package that meets their expectations, ‘Amplify Your Benefits’ provides a wide range of options.

The services provided by the Texas company use voluntary benefits programs that allow business owners to offer supplemental insurance to their employees. These programs can save a business on the expense of new insurance packages, while still giving their employees a host of benefits to supplement their existing coverage.

By partnering with Colonial Life, ‘Amply Your Benefits’ packages include all the coverage employees would expect to receive, such as accident and dental coverage, as well as policies for larger concerns such as critical illness and cancer. Additionally, as the service is paid for through an employee’s wages, SMB owners can improve their employee’s benefits without it impacting their bottom-line expenses.

To help SMB teams understand how the voluntary benefits program works, the ‘Amply Your Benefits’ team can also provide individual counseling services. During these sessions, employees will be able to ask questions and learn how the program can benefit their unique circumstances.

When speaking of the services, Rick Orozco said, “We can help your SMB overcome the largest problems business owners face today without costing you a dime.”

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