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San Francisco Photobooth Alternative For Luxury Events: Poetry At Parties Launch

The updated services provide a fun and unique photo booth alternative for a host of occasions. Instead of guests crowding inside a cramped booth to take their pictures, they receive a personalized haiku written on the spot by one of the group’s poets.

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Following the announcement, guests can approach any of the poets and talk about anything they would want. Then, on an old-fashioned typewriter, a haikuist will create a unique verse in around 30 to 90 seconds. All of the poems are typed on a thick card, which can be embossed on the back with the company’s logo or special symbol of the event holders.

The unique event giveaway is now available for corporate events, conferences, gala dinners, and luxury events. Typically, only two haikuists perform in a single event, but more can be requested depending on the client’s needs. Regardless, Haikuists always are dressed in formal attire and carry with them a genuine and vintage old-fashioned typewriter.

To date, the group has entertained hundreds of people for various events, including weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, corporate events, and everything in between. The group notes that their set-up requirements are minimal, needing only two chairs and a table that can fit two typewriters and signage. Its poetry booth is usually placed in a high-trafficked area.

Recipients of the haiku commonly frame them, hang them on fridges, or even get them tattooed. It is their choice to do as they wish – no single haiku is the same and is made solely for them.

About Haikuists

Originally Haiku Guys & Gals, Haikuists began by accident nearly a decade ago. It started on a small street corner in Brooklyn where two poets set up a personalized haiku booth to interview entrepreneurs to share their inspiring journeys. Since then, the team of two has expanded to provide unique poems to various people around the country.

A recent customer commented: “Thanks a million for partnering with us on another Newseum Nights! Our guests absolutely love you guys and it’s always one of the biggest highlights of any event we have with you.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

1221 Venice Boulevard

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