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Sandra Trew – From a Mother to a Professional Parenting Coach

Having a family could sometimes put a lot of pressure on our shoulders, but no need to tackle it alone. You can book an appointment with a professional Parenting Coach, Sandra Trew. There will be no holding back and no judgement made.

Sandra is the CEO and founder of Get Real Parental Coaching, where she provides Parental Coaching services to help parents pursue their goals of building stronger relationships with their children. She focuses mainly on child behaviors, potty training, toddler tantrums, talking back, dealing with excessive screen time etc.

Since the late nineties, Sandra has worked with parents and families. She encountered many families that had been feeling stressed with nowhere to run. The feeling you are drowning with no light in sight is more than close to her since Sandra is also a working parent. Her experience made her a better mother, thanks to her evolving training and learning from other families.

If you are still hesitant about Sandra, check out her video testimonials on her Instagram page. She is a trusted coach with over 30-years-long practice. She is straightforward, transparent, and confident in her techniques, which makes her more trustworthy. Sandra also has personal knowledge of parenting and first-hand experience. She is a good listener because she truly understands your challenging problems.

If you are a parent between 30-45, and you have a child up to 16 years old, you are more than welcome to book an appointment to get into a new phase of life!

Get in touch today to see what Sandra Trew can do for you! As her testimonials say, Sandra Trew is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable coach that can make positive changes in other people’s lives.

If you want to know more about Sandra Trew, please visit the following link –

Book a call today at 01908411575, or mobile number 07467054585

Get Real Parental Coaching
7 St Stephens Dr

United Kingdom

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