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Saskatoon Air Conditioning Tune-Up, Maintenance: HVAC Contractor Update

With industry reports indicating that the cost of a full air conditioning unit repair is now more than 50% of a new unit, Pro Service Mechanical’s tune-up service is designed to minimize the chances of system failure.

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Decreased cooling efficiency or higher energy bills during summer months are common issues – and neglecting regular maintenance exacerbates these problems, leading to potential breakdowns and costly repairs or replacement. As such, regular tune-ups are recommended as part of preventative maintenance.

Pro Service Mechanical appreciates the importance of functioning and energy-efficient air conditioning systems. During each session, the company will conduct a thorough inspection of the thermostat and ensure proper calibration for accurate temperature control. By ensuring the system operates at optimal capacity, homeowners can also reduce their energy bills.

The company explains that evaporator and condenser coils are also important to inspect because over time they accumulate dirt, debris, and dust, hindering the unit’s efficiency. By cleaning the coils, Pro Service Mechanical enhances the AC unit’s performance, improving air circulation and maintaining consistent cooling throughout the home.

The technicians note that the condensate drain line is often overlooked, but plays an important role in removing excess moisture from the unit. If left unchecked, clogged or damaged drain lines can result in water leaks and even mold growth. By thoroughly inspecting and cleaning this part of the system, Pro Service Mechanical improves reliability and allows the unit to operate at its peak performance.

The family-owned and operated HVAC company offers 24-hour services, which also extend to full repair and replacement.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Annual inspections and AC tune-ups once per year will keep problems at bay and save you from emergencies and equipment failure. Don’t miss an opportunity to get the most powerful cooling possible.”

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