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School Chaplaincy To Enhance Teacher Retention & Student Well-Being Announced

The National School Chaplain Association is now reaching out to both denominational and non-denominational elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools that believe they need spiritual guidance for their staff and students. With their recently announced service, the association strives to address the high levels of anxiety, depression, and unhappiness among teachers and students across the country.

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The National School Chaplain Association has developed its chaplaincy service following evidence that even secular institutions now recognize that faith can and does play a key role in an individual’s happiness and feelings of well-being. As a recent article published by The Guardian described, religious faith, on average, leads to both happier and healthier lives, with the stress-reducing and life-extending benefits of faith now being confirmed by several worldwide longitudinal studies.

With rates of teacher burnout at an all-time high in the United States, coupled with higher rates of child and teen anxiety and depression than ever witnessed, the National School Chaplain Association believes that faith-based chaplaincy can be a powerful tool to bring hope to both students and teachers. They also believe that faith-based chaplaincy is a more tool important than ever.

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With the National School Chaplain Association’s school chaplaincy service, they will add to a school’s mental health support structure, providing a faith-based approach and offering counsel based on a combination of biblical wisdom and spiritual insight.

The National School Chaplain Association is a Christian chaplain ministry that works within schools across the United States and seeks to provide both spiritual and mental health care to students. They work with students and teachers of all ages, races, creeds, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

A spokesperson for the school chaplaincy advocates and providers said, “When chaplains enter a school, they share peace, strength, love, and hope. They provide students and teachers alike with the spiritual care they need to overcome tragedies and hardships to fulfill their dreams and destiny.”

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