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SeaVee Boats One Of Top-Selling Covers Made at LaPorte Products

North Charleston, SC, May 2023: Celebrating 45 years of stellar craftsmanship, LaPorte Products continues to lead the marine accessory industry with its high-quality boat covers and sun shades. As a seasoned manufacturer with a rich history, the company’s commitment to offering durable and custom-made products is evident in its flagship offering, the T-Top Boat Cover. This premier product is celebrated for its ease of installation, light weight, and most importantly, its customizability.

Over the years, LaPorte Products has expanded its pattern library extensively, now able to design custom covers for an impressive range of boat manufacturers. The company currently holds designs for over 90 brands, a testament to its commitment to versatility and customer satisfaction. Among these numerous brands, SeaVee Boats stands out as a top choice for LaPorte customers.

Over the past year, LaPorte Products has seen an increasing number of SeaVee boat covers leave its doors, demonstrating the popularity of this particular brand among their clientele. The company is skilled in designing covers for more than 20 different SeaVee boat models, with the 29B and 34 models emerging as the clear favorites among LaPorte customers.

To ensure the satisfaction of their diverse customer base, LaPorte offers two fabric options when ordering a cover: a 9oz solution-dyed polyester and their latest addition, Sunbrella, a solution-dyed acrylic. Each of these fabric options comes with a different price point, with the 9oz solution-dyed polyester being the most affordable option, and Sunbrella commanding a higher price. The Sunbrella fabric has rapidly gained popularity due to its superior protective qualities and array of color options, becoming a favored choice amongst LaPorte’s customers.

LaPorte Products’ reach extends far beyond the domestic market. As a global manufacturer, the company crafts covers for over 100 boat manufacturers worldwide. The company’s core values of quality, innovation, and perseverance are evident in every product they create. LaPorte Products is committed to continuing its tradition of crafting top-notch marine accessories for boaters around the world, a commitment that it stands by with unwavering dedication.

LaPorte Products values their relationships with boat manufacturers and takes great pride in providing them with superior products. They are looking forward to continuing their partnership with SeaVee Boats and producing high-quality, customized covers for their models in the years to come. This partnership showcases the mutual respect and collaborative spirit that underpins the success of both LaPorte Products and SeaVee Boats.

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