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Somatic Bodywork Training For Anxiety In Dogs | 2022 Technique Webinar Launched

The upcoming energy work practice webinar for pet owners will showcase the core tenets of the Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) method to treat anxiety and pain in dogs, cats, and horses. The webinar focuses on somatic bodywork that relieves tension in the neuro-fascial network.

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The WEBB method was created by Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte, a reputed holistic veterinarian in Melbourne. The somatic bodywork modality increases a person’s ability to assess and heal chronic pain, anxiety, and trauma in animals through careful, therapeutic touch.

The webinars, which will air every other Monday at 9:00 AM Melbourne time, will teach simple energy healing skills and help attendees better understand the method and its application to cats and dogs.

While the training will only cover a section of the broader methodology, according to Dr Edward, it will provide sufficient information for individuals to successfully treat their pets.

He developed the foundational tenets of the WEBB method while working with Dr Tom Ahern, a leading veterinarian who specialised in working with horses. Building on Ahern’s success in treating animals by addressing nerve root compression, Dr Edward refined this bodywork method to address chronic pain. His therapy also focused on relieving tension in the neuro-fascial network, which has come to be widely accepted as a means of releasing stress and pain throughout the body.

Dr Edward realized that there was a major need for such an approach for dogs and other small animals. Chiropractic bodywork was relatively unexplored in the veterinary world and the use of physiotherapy and massage to address pain and anxiety combined with energy work has made this method successful.

While Bassingthwaighte has taught the WEBB method to practitioners across Australia, Europe, and the Americas, he wanted to further increase awareness and understanding of the methodology and has launched the webinar series.

“Once I identified the source of pain or constriction in the body, I knew that there must be a way of treating it,” he said. “I learned by inviting healthy movement where there was restriction. By melting pain and tension away with loving, connected touch. And again and again, I saw beautiful changes in the animals I was treating.”

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