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St Louis MO Stormwater Drainage/Erosion Control Apartment Complex Service Update

In addition to working with homeowners, Drainage Team offers updated stormwater drainage and erosion control services to homeowners associations, retirement communities, and apartment complexes. They use the latest technology to implement complete stormwater management services to protect properties from erosion, leaks, and other water problems.

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The expansion of erosion control services for apartment buildings in St. Louis comes in response to increased demand for effective solutions to protect properties from precipitation that accompanies frequent and severe storms. One of the noticeable impacts of climate change is the increase in severe storm action. Precipitation events are expected to continue to increase in intensity, delivering huge amounts of water in short periods, threatening life and flooding property.

Drainage Team works with clients to provide customized solutions, choosing the best technology for small or large apartment complexes. The team prepares clients for storms by providing drainage solutions to keep water flowing away from foundations, prevent flooding and control water flows to protect property from erosion.

As part of the expansion, Drainage Team offers technological solutions to prevent stagnant water on the property. Large complexes require careful runoff management and the St. Louis erosion control experts specialize in customized and scalable solutions for large and ultra-large developments.

Downspout drainage piping, French drains, surface grates and channel grates are among the solutions to control water. Dry creek beds for drainage are among the updated services for residential complexes. Visit for details.

Drainage Team also offers landscaping solutions, slope erosion protection to prevent soil loss, and retaining walls and erosion fencing for exposed soil during construction projects.

Drainage Team is a well-established drainage expert in the St. Louis MO area and has been providing drainage solutions and water control for 25 years. They carry full Workman’s Compensation and are covered by commercial automobile and equipment insurance alongside a general liability of $2 million.

With the latest expansion, Drainage Team continues to grow its range of technological solutions for clients looking for drainage services and stormwater protection for apartment complexes in the St. Louis area.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Unlike some of our non-specialist competitors, Drainage Team is a full-time specialist that continually stays abreast of new developments in the industry.”

Information on drainage solutions can be found at:

Drainage Team
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