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Stephen Kaltenbach: Alchemy of Space and Place

Participate in this Once-in-a-Lifetime Installation Exhibition at the John Natsoulas Gallery: Stephen Kaltenbach: Alchemy of Space and Place

Experience the distinctive ways that Stephen Kaltenbach, the great pioneer of conceptual art, transmutes space for two unique, site-specific projects. His construction of a world-famous room design from the 1960s will complement a floor-to-ceiling, assemblage collaboration with artist, Seongmin Yoo.

The John Natsoulas Gallery is thrilled to be hosting the newest exhibition of Stephen Kaltenbach’s space altering, installation art. Over the course of his career, Stephen Kaltenbach has been a critical voice in Conceptual Art. Never limiting himself in his practice, Kaltenbach has explored countless media in order to pose, and occasionally answer, questions about the fundamental definitions of art and the greater meaning of life. As a graduate student at UC Davis, studying ceramics and painting at the height of the Funk Art movement, Kaltenbach began to contemplate the traditions of fine art. During his meteoric rise in the late 1960s, he showed in high-profile solo exhibitions at SFMOMA and the Whitney and in some of the most groundbreaking gallery exhibitions of the time. By 1970, he relocated back to California, where he became one the region’s most acclaimed artists. Since that time, Kaltenbach has continued to elude definitive definition in his practice. Never abandoning his conceptual interests, Kaltenbach has pursued a myriad of provocative projects using unconventional media or designs that require a cerebral interpretation by a thoughtful audience.

This exhibition blends the past and present. A full-scale construction of a room alteration, akin to those of the 1960s, will stand alongside an entirely original site-specific multi-media installation. Alongside fellow artist Seongmin Yoo, Kaltenbach will create an assemblage installation featuring extensive drapery. The full-room installation offers viewers the opportunity to walk throughout the third floor of the gallery to participate in an immersive experience of color and light.

The opening reception is on September 2nd from 7 to 9 pm featuring free refreshments and music.

John Natsoulas Gallery
521 First Street

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