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Study On AI’s Potential Impact On The Creative Industry Released By Voices

Voices has announced the release of “AI in the Creative Industry”, a 10-page document detailing the result of a recent survey it conducted to determine the sentiment creatives have towards generative AI. The study also highlights emerging concerns about AI, particularly its impact on the employment prospects of artists and the ethics of training AI using copyrighted work.

The full report can be accessed at

According to the company, it undertook the study as the conversation about generative AI is “growing louder” among artists, adding that their concerns do not stem from AI per se–as many are already using some form of AI by way of editing tools–but rather from generative AI, which is capable of generating new output from existing content.

“We surveyed hundreds of creatives–from video producers, to content creators, social media managers, and more–to gauge their sentiments on how they feel generative AI will affect them, and the creative industry overall,” the company stated on its website.

In “AI in the Creative Industry”, readers can learn about the prevailing sentiment of those creatives with regard to future job prospects amid the rapid development in generative AI. Also tackled are the jobs creatives think will be the first to be impacted by those developments and the roles that are least likely to be given to AI.

Moreover, the report goes into detail about the optimism that more than half of the respondents in the survey share. In this section, Voices discusses how AI’s perceived capabilities to enhance human creativity and the opportunities it may open up for creatives contribute to the positive sentiment towards AI’s future role in the creative industry.

“While there’s a lot to be excited about, there’s also a lot to be cautious about when thinking about the use and ethics around generative AI,” the company wrote.

The latter portion of the report is dedicated to what the company dubs as the “three C’s”, or the three significant areas of concerns that the respondents have about using existing creative work to train AI. The material goes over each concern briefly and raises questions about the emerging ethical issues stemming from the unregulated nature of AI training.

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