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Supercells–The world’s first blockchain project for stem cell Get to know more about Supercells and its Foundation

Tokyo, Japan Jul 20, 2023 ( – SuperCells (project abbreviation: SC) is the world’s first blockchain-operated stem cell membership service meta-platform. With its decentralized, fair and transparent concepts, and industry-leading human and material resources, it builds a multi-value circulation platform in the biomedicine and bioengineering + healthcare digital economic field. Through the synchronized development of the stem cell value circulation media, community consensus and smart contract, it will reshape the system structure of the stem cell-related market and industry, as well as promote the development of the massive healthcare industry around the world.

Supercells, a blockchain VIP and advanced stem cell technology platform founded in Japan, had remarkable results in 2022, and the team has planned to launch a new development program later this year, which is believed to bring even more exciting surprises to the blockchain and healthcare combined platform’s experimental projects.

The Supercells team will put its project expansion focus on the Foundation’s activities in 2023, the Supercells Foundation has also its own very distinct features.

1 What is the Supercells Foundation?

The SuperCells Foundation (SCF) is a stem cell metaverse foundation that issues and oversees the SuperCells Token (SCT), which supports and manages the funding of pathological stem cell research. This is an essential element for the SuperCells stem cell metaverse platform to transition from a simple service. As the parent fund, SCF will create an innovative crowdfunding business model by establishing sub-funds and issuing new tokens (sub-tokens) in the field of pathological stem cells based on market conditions and current research results. The crowdfunding business model is designed to promote stem cell research, development and application.

The SuperCells stem cell sub-fund aims to promote stem cell’s R&D and applications by establishing an innovative crowdfunding business model and ensuring that the SuperCells metaverse platform is transformed from a simple service platform to a platform based on R&D and patented results. It is a key component to becoming a comprehensive platform. It guides capital to match the demand, links funds, crowdfundings, blockchain, scientific research and other models, reshapes the stem cell production, research and transportation industry chain, and provides high-precision, high-speed and cost-effective stem cell services.

The metaverse members of different branches can carry out patent research through projects such as diabetes, skin diseases, and regenerative stem cells, and use the platform’s influence to develop further business cooperation with experts, research institutes, hospitals and non-medical organizations. This will enable them to obtain more patents owned by the platform. The founding member of the sub-funds can invite Nobel Prize winners, R&D organizations, medical institutions, stem cell therapy users, blockchain ecology builders, communities and other groups to jointly support the project’s production and research, as well as better develop the platform’s patented projects.

The SuperCells stem cell metaverse Foundation will publish research results on the blockchain so that stem cell therapy users can verify the source of their stem cell data, which can’t be tampered with or traced back on the chain. In this way, the security and traceability of the research results of the platform will allow more people to understand the platform and increase the users’ trust in it.

  • The characteristics of the Supercells Foundation

The SuperCells Foundation will establish several sub-foundations. These sub-foundations will fulfill the operational framework of the Supercells Foundation’s metaverse technology and cash flow while conducting more specialized research tailored to their respective subjects.

In terms of its management mechanism, the Supercells sub-foundation will carry out on-chain management approaches, and its most outstanding features are its decentralized management and super-nodes. As for the super nodes, the foundation will adopt a dual-chain structure, which is divided into a transaction chain and a contract chain. Providing a network, storage and computing infrastructure. It is responsible for the SCT transaction verification, transaction bookkeeping, block packing and confirmation. In order to ensure higher security and transaction monitoring, the contract chain elects super nodes responsible for chain management through community voting. The decentralized community, on the other hand, put a focus on members to achieve self-organization and self-management, and each sub-fund can operate super-nodes.

The Supercells community charter takes into account the unity of principles between the foundation and its sub-foundations. Although the blockchain world has introduced a concept of “code as law”, the governance of the sub-foundations is a process by which community members reach a consensus on subjective issues that cannot be realized by code algorithms. SuperCells binds a special protocol called the SuperCells Community’s “community charter” to the blockchain, enabling the community to self-govern according to certain rules. The community charter sets out the rights and obligations of the users, as well as other important rules that any user must follow. This “special charter” was initially developed in consultation with the Board of Directors and a team of expert advisors.

SuperCells, as a stem cell membership service meta-platform operated on the blockchain, has the advantages to globalize human and material resources, globalize scientific research results and patents, as well as to customize stem cell therapies, it possesses an irreplaceable influence in the market. Also, it is able to fulfill all the prerequisites for the implementation of complex stem cell technology application scenarios. In addition to helping to solve some of the most pressing problems in the healthcare industry, its pioneering capabilities can also be used for claims adjudication and claims management, insurance notary and clinical data exchange, as well as in other data interoperability directions.

With the growing adoption of digital stem cell solutions, SuperCells’ applications will expand accordingly around the world, promoting the release of more capabilities for metadata-based healthcare technology in various fields.

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