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Surface Disinfectant Wipes For Candida Auris: Bulk Rate Dental Supplies Updated

In response to the emerging threat posed by the Candida Auris fungus, SurgiMac has updated its range of products that are certified by the EPA to be effective against this particular multidrug-resistant fungus and has provided details about individual certifications in the information section for each product.

More information about EPA-certified disinfectant wipes and sprays, SurgiMac bulk rate dental supply, and the full catalog of products effective against C. Auris can be found at

Through partnerships with several major manufacturers, SurgiMac is able to provide bulk rates on an updated range of popular products, including several that are effective against C. Auris. These include Sani-Cloth wipes from PDI and CaviWipes products from Metrex.

Disinfectant wipes are available from several well-known brands, such as PDI, Metrex, Clorox, and McKesson, in both individual packages and bulk amounts. Clients can also choose from several base formulas, including peroxide, bleach, or alcohol, to find the most effective combination of strength, drying time, and contamination certifications for each unique situation.

Using a network of warehouses located from coast to coast, SurgiMac is able to provide disinfectant products and other medical, dental, and hospice supplies to any clinic located within the USA, often with same-day shipping. However, clients should be aware that same-day shipping and bulk rates are only available for healthcare professionals who are registered for a business account on the SurgiMac website.

While the SurgiMac team regularly updates its inventory, and the details for each of its products, clients can also contact a representative directly for more information, or if they are searching for a product not available on the company’s website. In most situations, an item can be ordered directly, or the SurgiMac team can work with the client to find a comparable item from within their catalog. The full catalog can be found at

The SurgiMac team also carries a full range of professional dental supplies, including surgical instruments, apparel, anesthetics, personal protective equipment, and clinical supplies. However, while most of these items are available to the public, certain products such as injectable anesthetics are only available to registered users.

More information about registration for bulk rates, the full catalog of supplies from SurgiMac, and a complete list of available disinfectants can be found at

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