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Teeth Whitening Blue LED Light Home Kit With USB Port, Product Announced

The DiamondSmile whitening kit is the latest addition to All of Beer’s dental care line. Developed by renowned smart and medical tech manufacturer Hyperstech, the unit is designed for individuals who want to achieve a bright, healthy smile without the cost implications of an in-office dental procedure.

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Safe and effective, this home kit utilizes cold blue light with a wavelength of 480nm rather than harmful UV rays to whiten teeth. It is effective in removing stubborn wine, tea, and coffee stains, and, as All of Beer explains, users will start seeing results within 3-4 days of use.

The system comes with a powerful set of 16 blue LED lights that allow for rapid whitening of badly stained teeth and are waterproofed for ease of care and maintenance.

The DiamondSmile device can be used in combination with teeth whitening gel or strips for an even brighter smile. The blue light activates the active ingredients in those gels, making them more effective.

The home teeth whitening kit is easy to use, comes with a built-in timer, and only requires ten minutes of treatment each day. It features a food-grade mouth tray that is designed to fit perfectly in the mouth without slipping, allowing users to get their daily teeth treatment while multitasking.

Powered by USB, the DiamondSmile system can be paired with iPhone or Android devices. In addition, the device does not require batteries, making it a travel-friendly kit. The product ships with a long phone adapter and cord and can be delivered anywhere across the globe.

With the latest product addition, All of Beer reiterates its commitment to making low-cost yet premium dental health products accessible for those who can’t afford costly dental procedures.

“When you buy the DiamondSmile whitening system, you can stop feeling self-conscious about your smile and fretting about not being able to afford the treatments your dentist has tried to convince you that you need,” a spokesperson said. “The kit is easy to use and takes a little time out of your day. Its waterproof design means you can even use it in the shower.”

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