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The Florida Health Insurance Broker with the Human Touch

Coral Springs, FL

Individuals need a trusted Florida health insurance broker to ensure they secure the best health insurance tailored to them at an affordable price. Now, Florida citizens can turn to a family-owned business that “humanizes” your health insurance shopping experience.

Since 2008, Evan Tunis has been assisting his customers in acquiring optimum medical insurance protection. By asking the right questions and focusing on the families, Tunis quickly identifies the most effective health insurance solutions to fit each client’s lifestyle.

Tunis said, “It’s what we do well” and added, “Leave the research of finding the right health insurance strategy to us.”

Husband and Wife Team Providing the Personal Touch

Michelle Tunis, Evan’s wife, joined the Florida health insurance broker business several years ago when she was expecting her first child. Prior to this, she was an acupuncturist, but switched her focus to Medicare, wanting to help inform the senior community on their health options. She believes anybody who’s approaching the age of 65 should be knowledgeable on what their options are, what is covered, and is happy to “hold their hand” through the entire process.

Michelle Tunis stated, “We will always walk you through everything and make sure you clearly understand what your options are. We work our magic and identify the best, most cost-effective plan and price.”

The extraordinary customer service of this husband-and-wife team makes them stand out above the competition. Michelle concentrates on identifying the best Medicare strategies with the correct amount of coverage for each person’s demands, and Evan handles the individual and group health contracts.

With their expertise, they know what to look for, and are able to complete and verify information and options over the phone with clients. One of their main goals is to ensure their clients are free of stress and the headache of health insurance shopping. They never want their clients to have to deal with automated messages or dedicate too much time out of their hectic schedules.

Michelle Tunis noted, “We want our customers to know they can rely on us and we will always strive to deliver options the same day when they contact us.”

Michelle and Evan are the proud parents of their 7 year old son, Beckham, and 3 year old daughter, Meadow. The family moved to Coral Springs 6 years ago and opened their new office at 4991 NW 107 Ave. They now live in Parkland, and they can often be spotted walking the neighborhood with their children and sometimes at the park.

Both Evan and Michelle grew up in Florida. Evan was raised in Miami graduating from the University of Florida. Michelle grew up in Coral Springs, where she attended J.P. Taravella Senior high school as well as the University Institution, and finally graduated from the Atlantic Institute of Asian Medication for Acupuncture.

Committed to Meeting the Health Insurance needs of the Community

With their origins in South Florida, they both share a passion to form a strong bond with the local community. According to Michelle, when residents approach 65, they are usually overwhelmed with lots of mail from health insurance providers about Medicare enrollment. She stated, “Medicare can confuse a lot of people and they need expert help with it.”

At Florida Healthcare Insurance, they call each Medicare client 6 months prior to their enrollment time to get the process started and explain the various options. “We ensure you don’t get overwhelmed,” stated Michelle. “We make every detail clear to you.”

By collaborating with several health insurance providers, this Florida Health Insurance broker prevents their clients from spending their precious time and energy investigating solutions themselves. They provide a one-stop-shop, offering Medicare Advantage strategies as well as Medicare supplements – they cover all options of Medicare.

Michelle Tunis went on to say, “We humanize the process of health insurance coverage. Whatever matches the customer’s needs is what we go with.” For more information or to receive a quote, call Florida Healthcare Insurance at 954-282-6891 or check out their website at

About Florida Healthcare Insurance

Florida Healthcare Insurance is an expert health insurance broker located in Coral Springs, Florida. With over 20 years’ experience, they provide their customers with expert advice to help them choose the right health insurance policy for their needs. They specialize in Medicare and are able to help people make sense of the different plans and options to make the right choice.

Florida Healthcare Insurance
4991 NW 107th Avenue

United States

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