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The Importance of Online Brand Visibility for Chiropractors

One of the key takeaways of the Chiropractic Care Market- Forecast (2023 – 2028) report is that there is a rising demand for Chiropractic Care. This is in line with the overall growth of alternative or complementary medicine, which has been steadily increasing over the last decade.

People find a practitioner or healthcare provider online. According to a study conducted by Google, 77% of patients use search engines before booking an appointment with a healthcare professional.

With more than 70,000 licensed chiropractors in the United States and another 10,000 students currently studying at a chiropractic college, competition for new patients is fierce. Online brand visibility enables chiropractors to reach potential patients who may not otherwise be aware of their practice.

The two major influencing factors for people searching for a chiropractor online: Affinity and Trust. Excellent content on website, five-star reviews, and media coverage can help build these factors.

What patients look for online: A Google Business Profile. There has been a 900%+ increase in “near me” searches since 2018. (Google’s Consumer Insights.) This is why Local SEO is pivotal to the success of chiropractors.

Even without the “near me” search parameter, Google has made Local Search a major priority. They assume that when someone searches for certain categories of business–such as “Chiropractor”–the searcher is looking for a local business.

A Google Business profile helps Google show it to prospective patients. A well-optimized Google Business Profile with constantly updated content can get a practice ranked in what’s called the 3-pack on Google Maps, which shows up at the top of a local search.

A Well Designed and Optimized Website: One of the requirements for a well-optimized Google Business Profile is a modern, well designed, and search-optimized website with excellent information and content. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website to improve its ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

A good website gives potential and current patients access to more information about the practice, the staff, and their services. It should feature testimonials and content about health and wellness relating to chiropractic care.

Online reviews: Word of mouth has always been one of the most influential ways to market a practice. In today’s digital world, that translates to online reviews.

90 percent of patients use online reviews to evaluate doctors, including chiropractors. 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 77% of patients use online reviews as their first step in finding new healthcare.

Social Media for chiropractors: 57 percent of consumers polled said a hospital or practitioner’s social media presence would strongly influence their choice. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok can be used to promote the practice, share testimonials, and engage with potential patients. People aged between 45 and 64 are among those most likely to visit a chiropractor. Sixty percent of all chiropractic patients are women.

Where to find these people online: Facebook is the most popular social network in the United States and more than half (54.8%) of U.S. Facebook users are women. According to Gary Vaynerchuk, Facebook Business Pages are currently the most effective social media platform. By posting excellent content and using social media ads targeted to women aged 45 – 64, it’s possible to build a very specific following on a chiropractic practice Facebook page.

With effective targeting and great content, a Facebook ad campaign to attract local followers can result in an average of 500 new followers to a chiropractic Facebook page each month. That audience can then be used for an advertising campaign to attract more patients.

Business and Healthcare Directories: One factor Google uses for identifying and ranking websites and content is consistency of listings in business directories. For chiropractors, there are also industry specific business directory sites where the practice should be listed, such as:,, and With “near me” searches taking place on desktop, mobile and voice search, it’s more important than ever be on hyperlocal directories like Bubblelife, NextDoor, and MapQuest.

Media Coverage: The mass media influences health-related perceptions. Getting mentioned in top media websites provides a very strong trust factor. Due to the recent changes in the media landscape local newspaper radio and TV are hungry for local newsworthy stories with excellent visuals and video. Chiropractors can position themselves as thought leaders in their field, which can attract media attention and boost their reputation.

Good online brand visibility means more people finding listings and potential patients visiting the website and social media pages. By optimizing a website for relevant keywords, chiropractors can increase their visibility on search engines. This drives more traffic to their website, more patient inquiries and appointments.

Having a strong social media presence can improve search engine rankings. Search engines take into account social signals, such as likes, shares, and comments, when ranking websites.

Be seen as an expert: Regularly posting informative content on their website and social media pages is key. This helps chiropractors demonstrate their knowledge and expertise to potential patients. Patients are more likely to choose a chiropractor who they perceive as knowledgeable and experienced. It builds trust and affinity.

Valuable insights: Analyzing website traffic helps chiropractors gain insight into the behavior and preferences of their patients. They can determine which pages are popular, any keywords driving traffic to their website, and the social media platforms generating higher engagement. This can be used to improve marketing efforts, such as targeting specific keywords or social media platforms.

Chiropractors who invest in their online brand visibility are more likely to succeed in 2023. By having a strong online presence, they can build a reputation as trusted healthcare professionals who provide high-quality services to their patients.

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